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Sprung from pure Flamenco, this artist exudes purity from himself and his dance. Manuel Liñán is life, freshness and passion. After many years researching new tendencies, the dancer and choreographer leans toward tradition, reaching a point of sheer geniality and simplicity, as he becomes a trend setter in Flamenco vanguard dancing.

His presentations are characterized by an absolute control of the stage due to his ability to create new paradigms to draw from. Manuel weaves a solid and traditional web where the Flamenco voice (cante), the guitar and the dance are hosts.

He has performed as a solo artist in various companies: Merche Esmeralda, Teresa Nieto and the New Spanish Ballet. He has also performed with artists like Belen Maya and Rafaela Carrasco. With Olga Pericet he also directed Camara Negra and with Marco Flores, Dos en Compañia.

Manuel Liñán is not only a dancer, but a choreographer and director. He has been invited on many occasions to choreograph for the Spanish National Ballet, Rafaela Carrasco, Teresa Nieto and the Spanish New Ballet. Drawing from these experiences he appears in REW with Daniel Doña in a project which allows him to develop as a choreographer and codirector.

In 2008 he begins his solo career in TAURO. Later he continuous with MUNDO, APARTE and SINERGIA, where he had the opportunity to travel to numerous prestigious festivals like the Jerez Festival which bestowed on him the best newcomer dancer prize.A year later he was awarded the MAX de las Artes Escenicas prize as the best male performer and the first critic’s prize from FLAMENCO HOY.

In 2014 he presents NOMADA in the Jerez Festival, an important festival for Flamenco, where he once again displays his talent both as a choreographer and a dancer


A) Beginners Level: Tangos

Venue: FSF studios

Dates: 11th Jan Mon 11-1 pm / 13th Jan Wed 11-1pm / 15th Jan Fri: 11 am-1pm

Total: 6 hrs

A short choreography of Tangos will be completed. Suitable for Beginners

B) Beginners- Intermediate Level: Alegrias

Venue: Dance On Us Gold Studio

Dates: 9th Jan Sat 2-4pm / 12th Jan Tues 730-9pm/ 14th Jan Thurs 730-9pm/ 16th Jan Sat 2-4pm

Total: 7 hrs

A short choreography of Alegrias will be completed. Students should have basic understanding of alegrias compas.

C) Bata de Cola: Guajiras con Manton

Venue: Dance On us Platinum Studio

Dates: 10th Jan Sun 5-7pm/ 12th Jan Tues 9-1030pm/ 14th Jan 9-1030pm/ 17th Jan Sun 5-7pm

Total: 7 hrs

A short choreography of Guajiras con Manton will be completed. Dancers must have basic Bata de Cola technique and their own bata de colas and Manton for this workshop.

D) Technique: Open Level

Venue: FSF studio

Date: 11th Jan Mon 730-845pm/ 13th Jan Wed 730-845pm/ 15th Jan Fri 730-845pm

A general technique class focusing on body work, turns and footwork technique.

Suitable for Beginners.


TANGOS ( 6 hrs) : Normal $ 420 / Early Bird $ 390 / Adhoc $75/hr

ALEGRIAS: ( 7hrs): Normal $ 490/ Early Bird $455/ Adhoc $75/hr

GUAJIRAS Bata con Manton ( 7hrs) : Normal $ 525/ Early Bird $490/ Adhoc $80/hr

TECHNIQUE ( 3.75 hrs) Normal $225/ Early Bird $200/ Adhoc $70/hr


TANGOS + ALEGRIAS ( 13hrs) Normal $865/ Early Bird $800

TANGOS + GUAJIRAS ( 13 hrs) Normal $895/ Early Bird $835

ALEGRIAS + GUAJIRAS ( 14 hrs) Normal $ 960/ Early Bird $895

TANGOS + ALEGRIAS + GUAJIRAS ( 20 hrs) Normal $1290/ Early bird $ 1200

* Early Bird deadline : 25th December 2015

** Online payment will include a 3 % credit card charge on top of workshop fees


FSF: Flamenco Sin Fronteras studios is located at 1 Lorong 24A Geylang Singapore 398525

DOU: Dance On Us studios are located at 8 Claymore Hill, Claymore Point


Email: admin@flamencosinfronteras.com.sg

Call 97420637



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Jan 9 - Jan 17, 2016
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
11:00 AM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Tangos ( 6 hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $432.60
Tangos (6 hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $401.70
Alegrias (7hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $504.70
Alegrias (7hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $468.70
Guajiras con Bata and Manton (7hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $540.80
Guajiras con Bata and Manton (7hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $504.70
Technique (3.75 hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $216.30
Tangos + Alegrias ( 13 hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $891.00
Tangos + Alegrias ( 13 hrs ) Early Bird SOLD OUT $824.00
Tangos + Guajiras (13 hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $921.90
Tangos + Guajiras ( 13 hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $860.10
Alegrias +Guajiras ( 14 hrs) Normal SOLD OUT $988.80
Alegrias + Guajiras ( 14 hrs ) Early Bird SOLD OUT $921.90
Tangos + Alegrias+ Guajiras ( 20 hrs) SOLD OUT $1,328.70
Tangos + Alegrias + Guajiras ( 20 hrs) Early Bird SOLD OUT $1,236.00
Bata technique 2 sessions SOLD OUT $145.00
Bata technique 10 Jan SOLD OUT $77.50
Bata technique 17 Jan SOLD OUT $77.50
Venue Address
dance on us 8 claymore hill #01-03/04 Singapore 229572 Singapore
Manuel Linan Flamenco Workshops